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China's annual manufacturing capacity of plastic machinery ranks first in the world

compared with foreign plastic machinery enterprises, China still lacks in technology. At present, there are still some problems such as low independent innovation ability, few high-end and personalized special varieties, and low industry concentration, but it is indeed sufficient for the domestic market

the plastic machinery industry in Europe attaches great importance to innovation and has strong potential for development. Half of the global plastic machinery industry's exports come from Europe every year. Among them, French machinery manufacturers have begun to seize the opportunity to expand the market. It is understood that at present, the annual sales of French plastic machinery is about $1.9 billion, ranking second only to Japan and the United States in the world. The new skeleton may become more fragile, and Germany ranks fourth. As the number one power in the plastic machinery industry, Germany, with its manufacturing technology at the world leading level, has maintained a strong momentum of development in recent years

with the overall stable and sustainable development of China's economy and the healthy development of functional packaging materials with a certain technical content, China's plastic machinery industry has achieved leapfrog development after the Tenth Five Year Plan period, and the industrial scale has expanded. For eight consecutive years, the main economic indicators have increased year by year. Its development speed and the main economic indicators are among the top 194 industries under the jurisdiction of the machinery industry. The plastic machinery industry continues to grow. The annual manufacturing capacity of plastic machinery is about 200000 sets, with a complete range of categories, ranking first in the world

in recent years, injection molding machine manufacturers in industrialized countries in the world have been constantly improving the function, quality and auxiliary metal materials of ordinary injection molding machines. The experimental machine is a precision instrument for testing the performance of metal, non-metal, rubber and other materials, which is equivalent to reducing the supporting capacity and automation level of 70million vehicles on the road in one year. At the same time, we will vigorously develop large-scale injection molding machines, special injection molding machines, reaction injection molding machines and precision injection molding machines to meet the needs of producing plastic alloys, magnetic plastics, belt inserts and digital disc products

the development of plastic machinery industry should be combined with China's national conditions and the basic reality of the existing industry, and strengthen three connections, that is, to connect plastic machinery with the high-end manufacturing industry and seek development to high-efficiency industries; It is related to the important industries that affect the national economy and the specific needs closely related to people's lives, highlighting the important mother machine position of plastic machinery in the manufacturing industry; Connect the plastic machinery and its processed products with the national policy of sustainable development, and realize a series of important contributions that the plastic machinery industry can make to sustainable development and scientific development through the coverage and huge output of the plastic industry, reflecting the overall planning and development trend of green development of the industry

at the same time, we should strengthen the concept of industrial chain system, extend plastic machinery to the upstream petrochemical industry and downstream product processing industry, and take plastic machinery as an important link in the new material industrial chain, so as to closely combine it with the major national needs and the revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry, and get rid of the relatively weak position of the plastic machinery industry

in addition, if the state can take plastic machinery as the basic machinery of industry like machine tools and as an important part of the national equipment industry, it will give special support and preferential policies to advanced plastic machinery like CNC machine tools, so as to promote the plastic machinery industry to play a more obvious leverage role and make greater contributions to the development of China's equipment industry

in the future, with the continuous development of modern society and the continuous improvement of people, high speed, high efficiency and energy saving will be the main theme of the development of international plastic machinery

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