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The annual growth rate of protective packaging in the United States reached 4.4%

China Packaging compilation: due to the increase of Internet and mail order catalogue sales, and the special requirements for packaging in the electronics, medical and other industries, the demand for protective packaging in the United States reached 3.8 billion US dollars in 2010, with an annual growth rate of 4.4%. Inflatable bags, insulation and heat insulation are usually low-cost shipping containers, and foam packaging will be the fastest-growing packaging products. Due to the competition from other cost-effective materials, PC lamp covers and ABS bases can be shredded and recycled with a shredder after removing bulbs and electrical parts. The growth of loose fill packaging and paperboard protection is the slowest

due to its light weight and strong cushioning capacity, the growth rate of foam protective packaging will be above the average value. Because the foam mold can be customized to pack computers, consumer electronics products and instruments, it greatly enhances the security. 1. First, record the initial position of the cross arm of the machine, and select the speed value on the control panel (measure the cross arm travel with a standard straight steel ruler) Protective capacity

foam polyolefin (such as polyethylene and polypropylene) rolls are especially suitable for packaging of electronic products and furniture with significantly reduced production costs due to their excellent scratch resistance and cushioning capacity. Compared with molded foam, foamed in place polyurethane is mainly used in some professional occasions because of its high cost and slow growth

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